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Pratley guitars in the Australian newspaper

Martin Pratley - Owner of Pratley Guitars

In South Queensland Martin Pratley is creating unique timbres from native timber.

Guitar making has been a labour of love to Pratley for over 20 years. He spent his youth in the wood shop with his father, a carpenter, before going into industrial design at university. An avid surfer and camper, he pioneered a guitar that packs down by removing the neck and earned a degree of fame for his invention. 

Ash Grunwald Signature Model Pratley Guitar - Australian Made

Ash Grunwald Playing Pratley Guitars RBJ-90-AG

THE SIGNATURE PRATLEY GUITAR: Perhaps the Grunwald project that we here at Australian Musician are most excited about, especially ahead of his Melbourne Guitar Show appearance, is the announcement of the RBJ-90 Ash Grunwald signature guitar by local makers Pratley Guitars