About Us

(Martin Pratley - 2011)  

Pratley is a design focused manufacturer of quality musical instruments based on the Gold Coast of Australia.
Our aim is to produce world class instruments with unique design and character while maintaining a classic appeal that will endure.
Martin Pratley started designing original acoustic guitars at the age of 19. With a wealth of knowledge in fine woodworking pasted on from his father, he moved to the city of Brisbane Australia where he undertook a 4 year Bachelor Degree in Industrial Design and Technology Education. This time was spent studying, designing and playing as much guitar as possible.
Once his degree was completed Martin moved back to the southern Gold Coast of Australia to be close to the beaches and surf where grew up. Two long years followed with Teaching in the day and manual labour at night just to raise the capital to begin.
2004 was the official start of Pratley Guitars. There had already been years of custom Stomp Boxes and Guitars but this was now the step forward into manufacturing and sales through dealers.
(Guitar Set-up benches)
2005 brought about the design and production of the first Pratley Cajon’s. The proprietary On/Off snare design has proven its brilliant simplicity to this day. Pratley Cajon’s have made their place as one of the leaders worldwide.
(A corner of the Pratley factory - 2011 | Martin Pratley & Nathan Durrant)
By 2008 Pratley Stomp Boxes and Cajon’s were taken on by Billy Hyde Music, the largest retail chain in Australia at the time.
In the years from 2009 to 2014 Pratley products have become common place in the Australian music scene.
(Martin & Nathan Pratley Sanding Guitars - 2012)
Today, Pratley is expanding internationally with warehousing and distribution in the USA, UK and Europe.