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Pratley guitars in the Australian newspaper

Martin Pratley - Owner of Pratley Guitars

In South Queensland Martin Pratley is creating unique timbres from native timber.

Guitar making has been a labour of love to Pratley for over 20 years. He spent his youth in the wood shop with his father, a carpenter, before going into industrial design at university. An avid surfer and camper, he pioneered a guitar that packs down by removing the neck and earned a degree of fame for his invention. 

Ash Grunwald Signature Model Pratley Guitar - Australian Made

Ash Grunwald Playing Pratley Guitars RBJ-90-AG

THE SIGNATURE PRATLEY GUITAR: Perhaps the Grunwald project that we here at Australian Musician are most excited about, especially ahead of his Melbourne Guitar Show appearance, is the announcement of the RBJ-90 Ash Grunwald signature guitar by local makers Pratley Guitars

Pratley Pro DLX Electric Guitar Review by Australian Guitar Magazine


Pratley Electric Guitar-ProDLX Guitar-made in australia

 The second you pick it up, it’s also immediately clear that the Pro DLX
is the result of meticulous standards and exacting attention to detail -Australian Guitar Magazine

John Butler Plays Pratley Stomp Boxes


It's great to see John Butler back in Fremantle busking and celebrating 20 years since he began his career in this very spot.

Featured in John Butlers new video "Searching for Heritage" is our Compact stomp box (SB02-A).


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