Pratley Pro DLX Electric Guitar Review by Australian Guitar Magazine

Full review and independent analysis of the Pratley Pro DLX Guitar by Australian Guitar magazine.

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Founded in 2004 by Martin Pratley and based on the Gold Coast, Pratley Guitars have now been producing top quality, hand-crafted guitars, stomp boxes and Cajons for over a decade. These days, Pratley products can be found onstage and in the studio with the likes of John Butler, Awaken I Am, Dead Letter Circus, and The Mission In Motion. Keep an eye out for their revolutionary new P-Link pickup system, too: a very cool concept that allows you to swap pickups in and out of guitars in a matter of minutes.


Looking at this guitar, it makes you wonder why more luthiers aren’t gravitating towards Australian timbers. The Tasmanian mountain ash used for the neck and body of the guitar is absolutely incredible, especially with the high gloss black burst finish highlighting the timber’s grain. The second you pick it up, it’s also immediately clear that the Pro DLX
is the result of meticulous standards and exacting attention to detail. Even just taking a moment to take in the body shape, you’re struck by how much thought has gone into every aspect of this instrument. While it’s certainly a unique and original design, it manages to achieve what so many non-traditional guitar designs fail to do in that it still looks refined and familiar, and is, most importantly, well balanced and very comfortable to play.


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