Australian Tonewoods

At Pratley Guitars, we take immense pride in our commitment to using Australian Tonewoods, a practice that sets us apart in the world of guitar craftsmanship.

Our passion for utilizing native timber from our beautiful country is evident in every instrument we create. By harnessing the unique qualities of Australian tone-woods, Pratley acoustic guitars possess a distinct voicing that distinguishes them from international brands.

One of the key benefits of using local native timber species is our contribution to environmental sustainability. Instead of sourcing timber from various countries worldwide, we prioritize premium tonewoods that grow within a four-hour drive of our factory. For instance, our Bunya soundboards are sourced from trees that reach maturity in just 30 to 40 years, in contrast to the 200 to 400 years required for spruce soundboards. This focus on sustainability is deeply ingrained in our guitar-making process, allowing us to craft instruments that not only sound exceptional but also minimize our environmental footprint.

Experience the unique harmony of Australian Tonewoods with Pratley Guitars, where craftsmanship meets conservation.


Queensland Bunya


Queensland Maple



Tasmanian Blackwood


Queensland Blue Fig  {Also known as Silver Quandong}