2019 Model Stomp Boxes

At Pratley we our proud to be one of the main inventors of the modern stomp box. We were there at the start.

Yes, there are a number of copies out on the market now but with our experience and depth of knowledge you cant go past our 2019 range of solid tone-wood stomp boxes. Used by many professional artists worldwide, including John Butler, Ash Grunwald and Tash Saltana. 


Pratley Stomp Boxes

John Butler Plays Pratley Stomp Boxes

It's great to see John Butler back in Fremantle busking and celebrating 20 years since he began his career in this very spot.

Featured in John Butlers new video "Searching for Heritage" is our Compact stomp box (SB02-A).

Thanks John for using Pratley stomp boxes, we appreciate your support.



Stomp Boxes for 2014



Well, we are already coming to the half-way point of 2014. It has been a good year so far and we are so happy with our 2014 models. Our Stomps have come a long way and these latest versions have really pushed the development of stomp boxes as instruments. We have had a great reception from everyone with the new compact model (featured in the above picture) and it is really proving to be a standout design.

These stomps are all available worldwide with minimal shipping charges. Order one today for yourself or as a great gift and you will see how much these little stomps can expand your playing.