Cajon’s don’t get better than this!
Made from the eco-friendly and tonally rich plantation Australian hoop pine, our cajon’s will give you a playing experience that is supreme. 
When it comes to cajon snares, we believe that we have designed the best in the business with our On/Off TRUE SNARE SYSTEM©. It’s simple, it’s fast and it can be turned on or off seamlessly while playing. 
Another great proprietary feature of Pratley cajon’s is the 3WAY BRAID HANDLE©. We have been adding this comfortable, convenient and stylish rope handle since the start and we still think it’s the best way to pick up a cajon. 
These classy yet practical Cajon drums have a great feel & sound due to the high quality natural timber skin/hitting surface, they produce both warm deep bass notes and snappy tight high notes.
Designed for quality sound whilst playing and no-fuss when transporting.
Australian Made Cajon's of the highest standard.

All Pratley Guitars are designed by founder and head luthier Martin Pratley. They are made in Australia with a focus on using unique Australian Tone Woods, high quality componentry and original design.

Pratley Stomp Boxes are the perfect percussion accompaniment for solo, duo and group performers.
As Australia began the new wave of modern stomp boxes in the late 90's and into the early 2000's, Martin Pratley utilised his acoustic guitar & pickup building skills to design and manufacture Stomps that would become the leading and most widely distributed brand in the Australian market. As one of the originators of the modern Stomp box, Pratley has continued to refine and progress their designs by working closely with local and international artists. The size, materials, construction methods and overall design of Pratley Stomps will cater for all styles.