The design of our Concert models was inspired by vintage guitars from the 1940's. The body size sits nicely in between our Mini and OM models.

It is a smaller full size guitar great for blues, country, folk and finger style playing.

The classic style of a dreadnought with the beautiful tone and innovative design of a Pratley acoustic.

Pratley acoustic guitars are a beautiful representation of Australian craftsmanship and design. The use of premium native Australian tone-woods is a key ingredient in forming the aesthetic appeal and unique voice. 

Designed to be elegant yet robust, Pratley acoustic guitars are chosen by some of Australia's finest musicians. 


The SL Series combines the beautiful tone of a Solid Bunya soundboard with the price of Layered veneer back. Although this is the entry level to Pratley acoustic guitars we have stayed true to our 3 major design principles of Tone, Feel and simple elegant aesthetics.

The Stage model body is a mid-size shape that fits in between the concert models and the Mini OM models. 

We are always proud to use sustainable Australian native tone-woods and the SL series continues that tradition. The neck is plantation Victorian Ash which has great strength to weight and stability. The back & sides are made in Australia from high quality Australian tone-wood veneers and the soundboard is 'A' grade QLD Bunya.

The SL series acoustics are available with or without pickups.